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SAHS Membership

The Salem Area Historical Society Membership is open to all.

The Salem Area Historical Society is not limited to just Salem Township. The close ties to its neighbors thru family connections takes in Plymouth, Northville, Lyon, Northfield and Superior Townships prominently into our history.


SAHS Membership Levels
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The Salem Area Historical Society
was founded in 1975 in preparation for the Nations Bicentenial. The first meeting was August 13 where a few Salemites fearing the stories and history of the area would soon be lost set to work collecting  the stories of pioneer and present families, sites, and  images .Their efforts produced a one hundred sixteen page History of Salem Township. Published in 1976 for the Bicentenial celebration it went along with an extensive display in a History house decorated with furniture, pictures, records and items of days long ago. 

In 1978 deed was given to the SAHS to the Salem (Jarvis) South Stone School. Many in the group had attended this school in their earlier years. In poor repair from neglect and only owning the small bit of land it set on the group made plans to acquire more land and restore the building to its as remembered state. Now restored and with deed to a large lot we use it for our meeting and also occasionally as a real school. In 2005 one of the former students, Billy Kruse, donated the funds to build a representation of the wood shed that was at the site during his school days

In 1998 the SAHS was approached by a business owner wanting to know if we would like to have an old barn that was on his property. Discovering it was built by one of Salem's earliest residents and perhaps one of the oldest barns in Washtenaw County plans to move it started. Evaluation showed the structure sound but cost to move beyond our limited means.By the fall off 1999 the owner wanted it gone and if we could not take it would be knocked down. Faced with that ultimatum a decision to take it down piece by piece and save it that way. A work force of all volunteer help (500 hours worth)  in three weekends  totally dismantaled the entire barn and removed it to storage. After a survey and proper foundation put in on our schoolhouse lot we hired a contractor, who reassembled the barn in 2007. After the barn is completed we can display representations of the early farm history of the area.

SAHS Officers                                   
Commitee Chairpersons

President: Terry Cwik                                           Fund Raising: Terry Cwik
                                                                             Audit / Finance: Sue DiMilia 
Vice President: Marcia Van Fossen                     Dickerson Barn: Open
                                                                            Jarvis-Stone School: Terry Cwik
Secretary: Kim Whiteside                                    Programs / Events: Marcia Van Fossen
                                                                            Setup/Refreshments: Open           
Treasurer: Sue DiMilia                                         Membership: Terry Cwik
                                                                            Historical / Archive: Open
Member At-Large: Pat Hatala                             Nominating: Sue DiMilia
                                                                            Craft Fair: JoAnn Heyl
                                                                            Barn Dance: Terry Cwik

SAHS meetings are usually held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm.

January meetings held at the Salem Township Hall.
February  meetings held at the Salem Township Hall.
In March, we have a fund raising dinner and auction Gala and include our annual election of officers.
April and May, meetings are held at the Jarvis-Stone School.
Summer months of June, July and August we usually plan a croquet Match during a summer family picnic event.
August is our annual Craft and Art Fair.
September is our Barn Dance.
September meetings are held at the Jarvis-Stone School.
October meetings are held at the Jarvis-Stone School.
November does not have a meeting.
December is our Christmas Gathering.

SAHS By-Laws
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The Salem Area Historical Society  is a recognized charitable, non-profit, tax-exempt orginization under section 501(c)(3)  and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.
Membership is open to all. A newsletter is sent out prior to each meeting with news and upcoming events.

SAHS Membership Application

Make check payable to: Salem Area Historical Society

Mail to: SAHS,

P. O. Box 75011, Salem, MI  48175


Name:    ___________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

City: ______________________  State: ______   Zip: ________

Phone:  _______________   email ID: ____________________

  Membership Fee: _________              Membership Type:

               + Donation: _________                 $10 per Senior ___ $15 per Individual ___

Amount Enclosed: _________               $25 per Family ___

                                                                                    $50 per Business/Organization ___    and

 New Member____   or Member Since ______       $300 Lifetime Membership per Couple ___ 


Let us know your interests.  Email -

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